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Where it all started - Why plan-it-all.com

For over a decade we have, through related entities, provided digitisation services to numerous industries and customers globally: in fields as diverse as construction,electrical, mechanical, piping, P&ID, civil, interior fitting, etc.

With our new online offering, plan-it-all.com,, we bring this expertise to focus on the real estate industry.

Plan-it-all.com: A local, reliable, innovative provider with speedy service and excellent quality at competitive prices.

2D Floor Plan Service Provider

Local: A local sales and/or account manager touch-point to assist all our customers.

Reliable: Local secure data centre in Luxembourg, linked through the online platform to our dedicated processing facility in India equipped with the latest technologies and redundancies to ensure uninterrupted service 24x7.

Innovative: We leverage our technology experience to facilitate continuous improvement in our work processes and interface with our customers to save your time and money.

Speedy: A successful real estate business must reach the market first. This is why we, at plan-it-all.com, work around the clock to endeavour to have your floor plans and photographs back to you the following morning, if not, within 24 hours at the latest. Should we ever fail to meet this deadline we would discount your delayed plans/photographs order.

Excellency: The best way to differentiate yourselves from your competitors is to offer the best quality pictures and floor plans. Equipped with the latest technology, our skilled teams are able to extract the most out of your pictures to deliver a quality product, as well as clear and crisp floor plans, according to your specifications. Our teams are organised in such a manner that every task is checked before moving forward in the process chain and, eventually, delivered to you.

2D Floor Plan Service Provider

Why plan-it-all.com

We are a company operating from Luxembourg and a processing centre in India. We are thereby positioned to provide you reliable, high quality images and floor plans at very competitive prices.

With over 200 employees and associates, both in Asia and Europe, our multi-national venture is ideally sized to benefit from economies of scale, invest in new technologies and processes, and sufficiently small to remain close to our real estate customers, and offer them a bespoke service.

2D Floor Plan Service Provider

Social Commitment

We routinely invest in the education and training of our teams into new tools, technologies and processes. Beyond the bottom line, as a business, we have social responsibility towards our communities in Luxembourg and India. With equal enthusiasm, we are committed to supporting meaningful community activities. Do not hesitate to share your ideas with us.

2D Floor Plan Service Provider

Real Estate Figures - plan-it-all.com is the missing service in the real estate market.

With real estate sales relying heavily on specialised portals such as immoweb.be, immobilienscout24.de, athome.lu, etc., properties gain more traction if they are presented with attractive pictures and informative plans. Recent studies found that such properties gained up to 35% more clicks.

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